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Optimized C++ pdf free
Optimized C++ pdf free

Optimized C++. Kurt Guntheroth

Optimized C++

ISBN: 9781491922064 | 400 pages | 10 Mb

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Optimized C++ Kurt Guntheroth
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated

Optimizing C++/General optimization techniques/Other techniques. 3.3.2 Optimization Considerations When Mixing C/C++ and Assembly 57. Some features of the C++ language, if properly used, allow to increase the speed of the resulting software. From Wikibooks In C++, if the array length is not a compile-time constant, use a vector . In the world of C++ programming, all other things being equal, programs that are smaller and faster are better. Early sections of the book address the advantages of optimizing C++, which the author considers something of a lost art. Start your free 10-day trial of Safari. For details, see How to: Open Project Property Pages. Open the project's Property Pages dialog box. Instantly access Optimized C++ by Kurt Guntheroth. The C++ Standard Template Library (STL) provides the template function sort that implements a comparison sort algorithm. Demonstrates a few of the many code-optimization features offered by the Visual C++ 2003 compiler. The libc++ basic_string is designed to have a sizeof 3 words on all architectures, where sizeof(word) == sizeof(void*) . 3.4 Use Caution With asm Statements in Optimized Code . Select the Configuration Properties, C/C++ folder. Generate enhanced debugging information for optimized code in non-debug builds.

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